Podcast Help

Deliver Your Message On Your Own Podcast Platform
One could be a professional coach, business owner, pastor, influencer, author or speaker. Almost all business could benefit from delivering a daily, weekly or monthly message.

 People become followers by following your post and subscribing to your podcast platform.


Do I need a studio to start a podcast?  No!  I show you a simple way to start using your mobile device as an audio publishing tool.  This is a great way to start and build into a larger podcast platform.  The package below is a starter package.

This package is 5 hours one to one using Zoom. Five hours one to one $275.00.

If your business needs a consultant for a full turnkey podcast platform including audio suggestions, podcast hosting platforms, and creating your Podcast on iTunes directory the package is customized.  Use my contact page.

My mission is to increase your brand recognition and lead generation. In addition,  helps create a standout podcast, delivers a direct message.