In 2009, I realized small and medium businesses were the ignored sector for a strategy specific to digital online social platforms. Social platforms were in the early stages of growth and business owners were extremely confused about how to maximize their budgets. A deeper dive found small and medium business owners lacked an understanding of how to maximize budgets and be effective at reaching the short-term and long development of potential customers. Today, marketing on social platforms is very competitive and these three words are never included in my marketing approach.

Trick. Magic. Secret.

Those three words have cost many small businesses vast amounts of money. Consider my role as a marketing consultant more as an advisor taking your business through a journey. The journey includes working on a defined strategy to identify the potential clients who search for your business. Learn the mix of content needed to reach your potential local customers online.

Who is my online client? Where are they looking for my product or service? How do I reach these potential clients? What content is most effective for my target market? These are important questions for forming an online marketing strategy.