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In 2009, I realized small and medium businesses were the ignored sector for a strategy specific to digital online social platforms.  Google Properties were in the early stages of growth and businesses were extremely confused about how to maximize budgets. A deeper dive found small and medium businesses lacked an understanding of how to maximize budgets and be effective at reaching short-term and long development of potential customers.

My role is to offer guided advice and strategy for your YouTube channel.

Google Business Profile

My client is an established small or medium business looking for cost-effective ways to put the word out on how to build a brand and reach potential new clients.

We start with organic content ideas and use the Google Business Profile and YouTube as a great way to build the brand and over time reach potential clients.  I truly believe in educating clients to be successful. 



YouTube, as the second-largest search engine owned by Google, holds immense potential for businesses. Every day, countless potential customers turn to this platform in search of products and services.

In today’s digital landscape, all social media platforms recognize the value of incorporating video content to enhance brand visibility and engagement. With the widespread use of mobile devices, businesses can leverage video to share their stories, showcase their brands, and guide prospective clients towards making purchasing decisions. One of the most significant advantages of video content lies in its ability to foster familiarity, affinity, and trust with the audience.

For small businesses looking to establish a strong online presence, starting with YouTube is often the most effective strategy. Why? Because it serves as the primary destination for individuals seeking information. By creating a presence on YouTube, businesses can establish a direct connection with potential clients, initiating a virtual handshake that lays the foundation for meaningful relationships.

As a guide in this journey, I assist businesses in every step of the process, from setting up their YouTube channels to brainstorming content ideas tailored to their target market’s preferences and needs. By harnessing the power of YouTube, businesses can effectively reach and engage with their audience, ultimately driving growth and success.


On-site assistance is exclusively offered to clients located in the DFW area.

Nowadays, business owners find Zoom meetings highly beneficial for several reasons. These include the ability to record sessions for later review, convenience for clients, the option for screenshots and follow-up notes, and the effectiveness of keeping clients focused during online meetings.

My consulting package is both budget-friendly and flexible, offering 4 hours of service for $250. You’re free to utilize this time as needed, without any limitations on session duration. Whether it’s 30 minutes, an hour, or more, I’ll diligently track the time and provide you with a detailed spreadsheet for your records.


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