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Social Media Marketing Consultant


Over 30 years of marketing experience  Marketing, Online Marketing (20 years), video marketing, social platform marketing, podcast.

I work with my clients on Zoom one-to-one or in small groups.  I focus on small businesses confused about how to market strategies on social platforms.

Who is your target market?   How to build the brand along with right now clients and with long-term clients?

Marketing Consulting

My potential client is a business stuck and needs help with basic marketing on social platforms.  Guidance is a critical part.  I work one to one with all my clients using Zoom.  30-minute free Zoom one to one meeting is the first step.  

Work with businesses who are looking for solutions and concrete marketing strategies. Includes brand strategy and lead opportunities. Local solutions include inbound target market discovery, video consulting, YouTube consulting, podcast solutions,  social platform consulting, lead page ideas, local market branding (GMB), cross-platform marketing, blog help, Facebook advertising (outsource), Google My Business ( Google Business Listing). Drone Video Services ( outsource). DFW Area.

The railroad theme is to honor my grandfather who was a railroad engineer on the L&N Railroad.  


The most powerful tool to create video is in your hand every day.  Your mobile device is the most powerful tool to create both live and recorded videos for your social platforms.

For example YouTube App, Facebook Live, Periscope, Instagram ( Instagram TV IGTV), Linkedin.

Did you know YouTube is the second largest search engine?  One of my programs to help small business is intensive consulting on YouTube. Powerful is a business that understands building brand and sales leads optimizing video. Most Businesses Do Not!

How do I help your business?  I have a 12-month one to one consulting package using Zoom.  Understand your target market on the major social platforms.  12 hours or 1 hour monthly  $360.00.  24 hours or 2 hours monthly $720.00.

Podcast Help

Deliver Your Message On Your Own Podcast Platform
One could be a professional coach, business owner, pastor, influencer, author or speaker. Almost all business could benefit from delivering a daily, weekly or monthly message.

 People become followers by following your post and subscribing to your podcast platform.


Do I need a studio to start a podcast?  No!  I show you a simple way to start using your mobile device as an audio publishing tool.  This is a great way to start and build into a larger podcast platform.  The package below is a starter package.

This package is 5 hours one to one using Zoom. Five hours one to one $275.00.

If your business needs a consultant for a full turnkey podcast platform including audio suggestions, podcast hosting platforms, and creating your Podcast on iTunes directory the package is customized.  Use my contact page.

My mission is to increase your brand recognition and lead generation. In addition,  helps create a standout podcast, delivers a direct message.


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