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Hurdie BurkHurdie Burk has worked in video production, computers and the internet for over 20 years. His career includes live streaming video and audio. His mission is to help small businesses stand out using video on the second largest Google owned search engine: YouTube.

Helping business owners understand the importance of utilizing video is a daily activity that Hurdie enjoys very much. Businesses that utilize Mr. Burk’s consulting, video production and marketing services benefit greatly.

Today’s online landscape has changed drastically from when Hurdie first started, and the experience he has accumulated over the years comes in handy on many levels. He is able to consult with most everyone and helps his clients to understand the action steps they need to take to become successful online.

Hurdie Burk can save you lots of headaches, money and most importantly — TIME!


All business owners encounter challenges from time to time and when they do, they call on Hurdie to help guide their online business in the right direction. Hurdie meets his clients in person on a regular basis to assess business strategies, stay the course and/or to develop new strategies. Hurdie’s large group consultations are highly valued in the Austin area.


Jump start using one of the hottest products on the internet today:  Video. The Video 6 Pack is designed for small to medium businesses. Hurdie helps small business owners who are confused and stuck on how to use video marketing on Social Network Platforms.

Video 6 Pack
The “Video 6 Pack” features 6 videos 1-3 Minutes. The videos are everything from intros, demos, and information about your business. Includes your logo at end of video. Video optimized with your brand for search. No Video Editing cost.

Hurdie Burk meets and consults on your YouTube channel. Then customizes your brand and identify your target market. This service will include 4 hours of consulting on your YouTube channel.

YouTube Uploads
Once a video is captured, converted and edited, content (video) is uploaded to YouTube. This is the critical step in making sure the videos are added properly to the channel. Videos uploaded to YouTube must have proper titles, tags, and description. Advanced map settings along with URL placement on video and mobile optimized. All videos are optimized for your target market, brand and search.

Link to websites and social sites, review about me section, verify channel, create playlist, YouTube cards, in line video brand, associate website, annotations, enhancements, optimize videos, upload videos, proper title on videos, share videos, embed videos, custom thumbnails, share videos to Google business listing, reply to comments, build subscribers and associate website.

YouTube Management
The Video 6 Pack includes 1 hour per month for 4 months consulting your business on all the tools and features on your YouTube channel for marketing and branding. Hurdie’s affordable service allows you to focus on your business.



Deliver Your Message On Your Own Podcast Platform
One could be a professional coach, business owner, pastor, influencer, author or speaker. Almost all business could benefit from delivering a daily, weekly or monthly message.

An audio, text, video file  or news feed that is set up with RSS (real simple syndication) so that readers can subscribe and receive new updated files.  People become followers by subscribing to you your content.

Record.. Host.. Publish.. iTunes

Once a hosting account is created, an RSS feed is generated for iTunes. Several podcast sites are available for hosting your audio messages. The most common format is MP3. The first step working with a client is establishing the host network. A small fee will be required by the hosting company.

Hurdie’s Process

Build/Consult on your Podcast Host Site
Upload recording to your Host site
Create your iTunes Directory
Manage Your Podcast Platform

Several additional steps are required for the above steps to function properly.  Hurdie offers a free 1-hour consulting session with Q and A. Podcasting is a great way to deliver a message and tips for your followers. Push your message to your social footprint with a click of the mouse. Your Message “On Air Anywhere” in an MP3 format, which is  an universal audio format. Imagine folks listening to your podcast while in the car. Folks can download your podcast and subscribe.  When new recordings are uploaded, they are alerted to listen in. Complete Turnkey Podcast Platform available.

Hurdie Burk’s  mission is to increase your brand recognition and lead generation. In addition, he wants to help you create a standout podcast, that establishes your business main message.



Hurdie recently gave me some tips on our YouTube Channel and set up the branding for the Channel. It was a good experience and now I know how to establish click through to our site on YouTube videos and to segment our team topic videos into playlists.

 As a result, I plan on bringing Hurdie in for one of your business development Licensee topics. I think what he offers can help licensed consultants build their business in a very cost-effective way.

Jeff Babcock
President/Treasurer at J.K. Babcock Enterprises, Inc. DBA: CPR- Cell Phone Repair Round Rock

 I first met Hurdie when networking in Round Rock and was initially attracted to his “larger than life” persona. After spending some time to get to know him better, I agreed to let him work to develop our company’s social platform integrating it to links we already had on the web. Through the time he has been working with us, we have found his advice to be well founded in keeping our total online presence together through his online construction of our social footprint. What I have found to be most helpful is his structured approach to building our online presence- building one layer at a time. In the past few months, we have seen an over 10% growth in our gross sales which I attribute mostly to his oversight of our online presence. I look forward to working more with Hurdie to grow our business

This recommendation is specific to setting up and maintaining my Podcast channels, though I could say the same about my YouTube experience.

Hurdie continues to over delivery and does so every time I hire him and refer him. The great thing about internet based tools and strategies, they’re always changing. The not so great…they’re always changing. I particularly appreciate Hurdie’s attention to detail, how well he pays attention, stays on top of changes and his intuitive nature. It’s apparent Hurdie studies his platforms and his “trade.” I’ve recommended Hurdie to numerous business people and will continue to do so.

Danny L. Smith, CMPS
Residential Mortgage Loan Originator, NMLS#138873


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