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In 2009, I realized small and medium businesses were the ignored sector for a strategy specific to digital online social platforms.  Social platforms were in the early stages of growth and businesses were extremely confused about how to maximize budgets. A deeper dive found small and medium businesses lacked an understanding of how to maximize budgets and be effective at reaching short-term and long development of potential customers.

Today marketing on social platforms is very competitive. These three words are never included in my marketing approach. Trick, Magic, and Secret. These three words have cost many small businesses huge amounts of wasted money.

Consider my role as a  marketing consultant more as an advisor taking your business through a journey. The journey includes working on a defined strategy to identify the potential clients who search for your business. Learn the mix of content needed to reach your local potential customers online. What does my client look like online? Where are they looking for my product or service? How do I reach these potential clients?  What content is most effective for my target market? These are important questions for forming an online marketing strategy.


My client is an established small or medium business looking for cost-effective ways to put the word out on how to build a brand and reach potential new clients.

We start with organic content ideas and use the Google Business Profile and YouTube as a great way to build the brand and over time reach potential clients.  I truly believe in educating clients to be successful. 


YouTube is Google-owned 2nd largest search engine. Your potential customer searches for products and services every day.

All social media platforms see value today in using video for brand and engagement. Mobile devices are used to publish video content, build stories, and brands and show potential clients a path to purchase products or services. The biggest advantage of a video? Builds Know, Like, and Trust.

I like to start with YouTube for small businesses. Why? It is the go-to platform for folks searching for information. It creates a handshake with potential clients.  I help you through all the steps to start your channel and we talk about content ideas based on your target market.


For many years I worked with clients on location. Today clients who own businesses enjoy Zoom for a variety of reasons.  Sessions are recorded for a client’s review.  Client convenience. Screenshots and follow-up notes.  Meetings online with Zoom keep clients on track.

My consulting package is affordable and is 4 hours at $200.00. Your business can use this time any way you like when help is needed.  No restrictions on time. We could be on for 30 minutes, 1 hour, or more.  I track the time and keep a spreadsheet delivered to you.


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